The Only Solution To H-1B Extension Denials?

If you’re here, it means you’re worried your H-1B visa will be denied the next time you apply for an extension or renewal. Congratulations now you’ve found the one site that can help you do something about it.

We have a solution, perhaps the only solution, that if applied before your H-1B renewal is denied, can:

  • Securely extend your stay for 5-7 years
  • Keep you safe from DHS, ICE or Border Patrol raids
  • Help you avoid deportation after all is said and done
  • Give you the right to apply for EAD (Employment Authorization Document) independent from any employer

Our subscribers already know how effective the workaround is and how to apply it. They are overwhelmingly letting us know what they think of it. But if you are here for the first time, please note our workaround will not magically make your rejected H-1B visa come back to life and be valid. So please realize we offer a remedy, not a cure.

What you will learn, if you decide to subscribe, is exactly what relief the workaround provides, how it works and why it works. The subscription will only cost you $10.00. That is probably much less than what you spend on coffee in a week.

But if you think the problem of an H-1B extension denial can be avoided with only $10.00, you are mistaken. Our workaround requires an investment—not necessarily an investment of money but a commitment of time, effort and steadfastness. The money we charge is being used to provide the essential support our subscribers need to procure the security they desire.

For those who are ready to commit or are simply too impatient to read here is a direct link our subscriptions.

For those who need more information before deciding if they want to commit or not, here is some invaluable information about how bad the situation really is.

H-1B Denials Are At All Time High

H-1B visa extension denials are at record levels. According to the National Foundation For American Policy, between 2018-2019 the rates have more than doubled and tripled for companies that rely on the visa.

  • The denial rate quadrupled for Google and more than quintupled for Amazon. For example, 1 in 5 renewal request filed by Amazon for 2019 was denied.
  • The H-1B extension denial rates are even worse for contractors and off site employees .
  • Almost 1 in 3 for TCS and 2 in 5 for Cognizant. Even Deloitte had a rejection rate of 35%.

As of October 1, 2018, DHS intends to issue Notices To Appear (NTA) and deport folks who whose extension requests have been denied. These folks are typically given 180 days to leave the US or face harsher consequences, regardless of how long they have been living and working here.

There’s Little You Can Do After Your H-1B Extension Is Denied

To realize how bad H-1B denials are, particularly for those requesting renewal or extension, you should also know how little relief there is out there. Surely what commitment anyone is willing to make depends a great deal on what resources are readily available and how unpredictable the situation is. Here is a full article that compares analyses how dismal the situation is in light of what little relief is available.

Read on if you know you can’t control the times but are nevertheless interested in a true and tested workaround that helps you exert more control over your destiny. Tell Me More