Our Motives

We knew we couldn’t sit idle anymore. We knew we had to do something, anything, no matter how small, to combat the abuse of authority we were witnessing. What we didn’t know was where we could best spend our energies.

Deciding on a cause was not easy. There are so many to choose from after “bullying” has become official US governmental policy. Short of drawing straws, we agreed that each of us would research the subject closest to his or her heart, and then we would vote on which subject to publicize.

Our Discovery

One of us takes immigration policy very personally. Not only are some members of his immediate family immigrants, but he also worked for many years as the top assistant to an immigration attorney. He arranged to meet with the attorney to get his views on the more abhorrent abuses of authority we are witnessing. 

During that meeting, while discussing a subject unrelated to H-1B visas, the lawyer discussed a strategy he had used over two decades ago to successfully help hundreds of people. Our friend saw a parallel between that strategy and H-1B visa holders today. He pressed the lawyer for more details.

That’s how we discovered the workaround we’ve been boasting about. That’s also how we chose it as a cause to rally around. The workaround itself is not a secret and we don’t pretend it is. However it does appear that the pros might be reluctant to talk about it.

Simply put, the workaround involves using the government’s own regulations to sap its resources and undermine its effectiveness to harm undeserving people.

Using the government’s own regulations means that, for as long as those regulations remain valid, the workaround will be as effective for the first person as for the ten thousandth. But when used by increasing numbers of people, it can clog up the deportation drain in a way that would benefit all those who started their journey in good faith. Our efforts will be rewarded if such a thing happens.

Of course we are not encouraging anyone, or recommending to them, to employ this workaround. We are simply sharing the information we learned recently.

As we said earlier, certain peculiarities about this information made at least one lawyer reticent to talk about it. Some of these peculiarities may only apply to that specific lawyer, some to all lawyers, and some to all law abiding people—including us. You should seek your own legal advice.

Our Plan

We want to warn you before anything else that we are not lawyers. We don’t want anyone to think or even get the impression that we recommend they should use the workaround. That would be practicing law without a license. We’re not recommending anyone do anything with the workaround we discovered. We are just informing you that there is such a workaround, not telling you to use it. In other words, seek appropriate advice before you take any action.

We are only trying to sell you information, much as the daily paper sells news with each issue. But at less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week we are selling our information much cheaper than what any decent metropolitan paper charges every day.

We must sell the information because this workaround, like most others, has a theoretical, or knowledge, component as well as an implementation, or tools, component. You will own the theoretical information forever once you subscribe. You may then choose to implement it with the assistance of your own lawyer, your colleagues, your boss, friends or do nothing with it.

However we believe that once you realize how careful you must be about the details of the workaround, you will choose to assist us in gathering and providing as many resources as we can to help all others who may also need it.

This is the main reason we need you to subscribe before telling you about the workaround. Those who decide to use it will need support and we plan to provide it in the future. We plan to act as a kind of clearing house for information and resources people will need once they settle on using the workaround.

Our Overriding Concern

Sound implementation of the workaround requires planning and deliberation. To this end we plan to provide referrals and services, beginning with the evaluation of every individual case by a qualified attorney at affordable prices.

You may have noted that we are careful about preserving our anonymity. One reason for this is that most of us worry about how our employers may react if they find out we are trying to undermine Mr. Trump’s racist policies. Another reason is that we are all concerned about the so-called ‘American First’ trolls who have nothing better to do than spread vitriol.

But we want to assure you that we will be as careful with your privacy as we are with our own. The main reason we plan to provide attorney referrals in the future is that a bright red line separates the general information you may discuss online and the confidential information that you might share with your lawyer. What clients tell their attorneys is confidential, not even DHS can lay its hands on it.

Our Incentive

DHS statistics show tens of thousands of H-1B renewal requests will be rejected. If only 1% of them decide to use our workaround to protect themselves from the effects of denial and deportation, thousands of new cases will significantly slow down the government’s exercise of cruelty. With its resources tied up elsewhere, DHS will have less capability to breakup families or put children in cages.

We admit that when we decided to act, helping H-1B visa holders was the furthest thing from our mind. We were looking for an area where we could, in our own small way, combat government bullying with acts of civil disobedience. It never occurred to us that we might just as easily combat cruelty by engaging in acts of civil obedience. That is to use the government’s own regulations—albeit, at a higher quotient than the system was designed for—to slow down many of its dastardly deeds.

Your Commitment

We cannot accomplish our plans without your help. In return we offer to help you save your house from burning down. So if you have an H-1B visa and are worried about its renewal; and if you want to find out how to help yourself and your family, make a commitment now by clicking to subscribe to our newsletter.