At Present We Only Offer One Product/Service

SUBSCRIBE: At present we offer one service on how to beat the system. It’s a subscription that provides comprehensive information about a workaround that relieves many of the detrimental effects of an H-1B extension denial. It doesn’t cost much. In fact it costs less than a cup of coffee a week. But we must rely on it. To find out why click here

You can’t afford to wait

If you are concerned that your H-1B will not be renewed, you can’t afford not to act. Timing is critical to what results the workaround yeilds. Don’t wait to enrich yourself with information. It might just allay your worries.

We hope to grow with our subscribers and offer a vast array of services in the future. They all relate to the workaround we are boasting about. But those are hopes for the future. We can only realize them if you are satisfied with the knowledge you buy from us.

Knowledge is power

If you currently have an H-1B visa, we are selling knowledge that can be of great value to you. Consider the downside: a cup of coffee. Then consider the cost of not doing anything. Then consider what you might again in security. You will see that you owe yourself to at least read what we have uncovered. Click Here to Subscribe